EZ Framer Max with Laser Light

A well-known Executive in the embroidery industry once said, "There are only two major challenges in embroidery. The first is hooping. Came the reply, "What is the second?" "If you solve the first there is no second," he said.

Introducing the
EZ Framer MAX With Laser Light

  • Easy to understand - easy to use hooping device for the home or commercial embroiderer
  • Eliminates table hooping/framing
  • Cross-hair laser light makes centering designs quick and easy
  • Lightweight - is portable or can be mounted permanently
  • Use any hoop/frame from any manufacturer up to 16 1/2" (O.D.)
  • Comes with everything pictured - two (2) "C" clamps for table edge mounting, Embroiderer's Helper for centering designs on polos, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, plus, cross-hair centering stickers for marking design center.

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