EZ Framer Plus

The EZ Framer PLUS simplifies the hooping/framing process for both the novice and veteran embroiderer as well.  Weighing less than 7 pounds, it is lightweight and totally portable.  The unit comes with two (2) "C" clamps for quick set up or, it can be mounted permanently to a work surface.

Industry experts estimate over 95% of all embroidered items require a hoop or frame 15cm in size or smaller.  The EZ Framer PLUS will accommodate hoops and frames from the smallest sizes up to 21cm round hoops - 7 1/4" magnetic Mighty Hoops, and Durkee EZ Frames up to 7 1/4" (O.D.).

The following two (2) videos will introduce and demonstrate the EZ Framer PLUS.  See for yourself how easy it can be to hoop the back of caps, onesies, tote bags, shirt sleeves, shirt cuffs, and more!

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